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About Black and White

Treat yourself to a pampering and luxurious vacation in a gateway to ​​peace and tranquility at Had Ness, overlooking the picturesque Sea of Galilee, near the Jordan River in the Golan Heights. Black & White is perfect for couples seeking total privacy, for families, and for coupled friends seeking a unique shared experience. A stone’s throw away there are gourmet restaurants, some of the most spectacular walking trails in the country, horse riding, rafting and wineries. Whether in the dry sauna, the jet pool, the pampering Jacuzzi spa or just sitting around and relaxing in the gardens of the all-suites boutique hotel, you’ll very soon discover how time stands still. Hear the twittering birds and experience the calm as we pamper you luxuriously at international standardsListen.


Now’s the time for peace &quiet , to disconnect from the daily grind, to reconnect with your inner peace and then to return home with unforgettable memories.

The conceptual outline of Black and White was designed by Vered Fisher and Haya Bareket, where the dominant black & white colors cleverly blend into the peaceful rural surroundings of Ramat Hagolan. The Golan boutique hotel is located in a green world of nature, where dreams become reality.


Other amenities at additional charge;

*Gourmet Chef meals: Guests at Black & White can enjoy meals especially prepared for them, by private Chefs. One of the top local Chefs (or even one the finest Chefs in Israel) can be pre-reserved to prepare the perfect culinary experience just for you.

* Spa treatments: Choose from a variety of spa treatments on offer to our guests at the Black and White boutique hotel.

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